I went to the Love Yoga Fest on Cape Cod and did no yoga

And it was 100% by choice.

Because this was an AWESOME opportunity to do a lot of inspiring and fun yoga as well as traditional and new kinds of yoga.

Well, I did bust out into this pose so there is some yoga right there.

yoga pose 8:14
i love me a balance pose somethin’ crazy and this was not staged at all, btw 😀










We arrived a little late on Saturday (the first whole day) and I was sad to have missed Jacqui Bonwell‘s early morning class. She is amazing. If you can ever take a class with her, do it! Like really do it. ASAP.

BUT! It was nice to sleep in and arrive with no agenda, except to help a little with Vinnie Arnone’s tent for his business Cabo Cado.

The first thing Mrs. Cabo Cado, Claudia, and I did was register with Kate, one of the Love. Live. Local gals, making not only this fest but a whole gang of things happen on Cape Cod, it’s pretty cool what they are up to.

She was so helpful, the whole event was well organized and there were lots of volunteers to keep things flowing.

The Love Yoga Fest logo was designed by Vinnie Arnone of Cabo Cado fame
The Love Yoga Fest logo was designed by Vinnie Arnone of Cabo Cado fame








Then we juiced up with some Local Juice made by Delicious Living founder, Nicole Cormier. Nicole is running quite an inspiring business on Cape Cod, it is exciting to see! I hear she has a few interns helping her and I am a big fan of this!! Go Nicole!!

I had the delish 'Rooted' juice with beets, kale, pineapple, fennel, lemon and cayenne
Here I am with Mrs Cabo Cado while we were enjoying our juice! She had the ‘Nourish’ and I had the ‘Rooted’ juice with beets, kale, pineapple, fennel, lemon and cayenne. Yum!!












Then we chilled at the Cabo Cado tent while Vinnie sold his bags, tees, koozies, postcards and pins to the world. I am so proud of him and his business and the connections he is making.

Then off we went to our first class.

These Cape Cod beach totes make the PERFECT yoga bag. Fits everything and more.
These Cape Cod beach totes make the PERFECT yoga bag. Fits everything and more.









Since I was in the most relaxed mode (this mama was kid and care free for a whole day!), I chose to begin my ‘yoga’ day with Gentle Yoga with Healing Crystal Bowls.

Honestly, I signed up for whatever classes sounded like I would probably be lying down the whole time.

And that is what I pretty much did in this class for an hour and a half.


With Bettina Ann Brown leading the class and Kathleen Warren on the bowls….

Well, I wish I could tell you what happened but I am not really sure.

We were led on a relaxing but deeply powerful journey to balance our body, mind, spirit and chakras.

I think I may have done a child’s pose or cat/cow or two but mostly I just laid there and allowed the sound of the bowls and Bettina’s voice to take me away to the most wonderful place.

I was so deeply relaxed after this class and pretty blissed out.

Yay yoga!

Off to the second class….

I chose another fairly mellow sounding class called 7 Healing Mudras led by Diane Kovanda of Kind Yoga.

She taught us about Hand Mudras – symbols you make with your hands. You can then hold them over your chakras as you breathe and let them do their magic.

And magic certainly did occur.

This simple and gentle practice blew open my two upper chakras (third eye and crown) so much that it was like I was so so very high.

I stared at this for quite a while, a sure indication of being high.

green stuff growing in bark. wow man.... it is pretty cool though
green stuff growing in bark. wow man…. it is pretty cool though










Diane has the most wonderful way about her and made this class fun, real and obviously, powerful. She has a yoga teacher training coming up so I would check that out if you are interested.

After the first class and then this one, well, I was RIPE for not only feeling bliss but also being completely present and ever so relaxed with what is.

It was pretty much the best feeling ever and one I want to be in touch with as often as possible.

Yay ‘yoga’!

All of what I did was of course yoga. But not the kind we traditionally think of. I personally feel this kind of yoga, the kind where you allow yourself to tap into the magic that is all around us without working too hard, where there is a fair amount of surrender, where you can really relax, well it is just as good if not better than the more physical types. Just my opinion and where I’m at.

I then took my high and blissed out ass back to the Cabo Cado tent where Vinnie was still rockin’ it out.

I also rolled on the grass, walked by the water, met some great vendors and actually did a few downdogs on the lawn.

The location of the Love Yoga fest at Asleton Park in Hyannis was perfect.

From what I hear, the rest of the day was great and ended with a performance by MC Yogi. Sunday was another event filled day and I wish I could have been there.

Next year I will for sure!

I can’t tell you how impressed I was at this event and all the work that went into it.

Kudos to all those involved and see you next year if not sooner!

For more info, www.loveyogafest.com




The last time I was truly happy

I am no expert on happiness and have learned a lot about what happiness is NOT.

Last year I had moments of sheer, unadulterated bliss.

This was a bit foreign to me but man was is AWESOME.

It had a lot to do with a two things.

One being Oneness.

Another being giving up (you can read more about this in one of my most popular blog posts What Happened When I Stopped Trying).

When I gave up and decided to just BE and go with the flow and guess what? Life flowed in a beautiful, glorious way. How about that? It was fascinating! And so very freeing for me.

Now in those first few weeks of giving up trying to: be more ~ do more ~ diet ~ exercise ~ figure out what the fuck I was doing with my life ~ be perfect ~ thinner ~ better (are you exhausted yet? I sure was), things were hard. How could I change this mind that had been the same way, thinking the same things forever?? But I did. Each and every time my mind would wander to the thoughts that had plagued me for a lifetime, I would steer them to the present and to NOT thinking about any of that stuff I wrote above. I would actually tip my head to the side as if to say ‘NO! MIND – DO NOT DO THAT!’ I was often doing this a few times AN HOUR! But after a few weeks it became easier and easier. It helped that spring was coming and I was out and about more (New England winters can be a bitch).

One day, I was at Castle Island, in South Boston and spring was in full effect. I laid under this tree on a small blanket.


I almost wept.


As I lay there, a feeling of complete bliss came over me.

I was beyond happy and grateful to be laying there, basking in the sun, under this miracle of nature.

My family joined me a bit later and we ate cupcakes and played in the park.

I felt that life could not get any better.

This feeling continued through the spring and into the summer.

During the summer I had to work a little harder at shifting my mind because my physical body did not look as I wanted (and this was something I struggled with most of my life ‘How was I not going to be a fatty in the summer.’ Ugh). But I shifted my thoughts to how fucking good I felt and how that was WAY more worth it than worrying about my extra weight. Even when I had to have my favorite guy friend hoist me out of the water because I couldn’t pull myself into his boat after trying to go tubing ~ this was all quite humiliating folks and could have sent a gal over the edge ~ I managed to keep my thoughts light and of self-acceptance. It was HARD but I did it.

Then in the fall, I went to a spiritual growth weekend to deepen my awakening with Oneness.

It was awesome. I just loved it.

AND!! I felt I was given (downloaded from the Divine, if you will) the most fabulous idea for business. I had always wanted to create a business for myself, mostly online, that could help me serve the world, my family and myself. So there I was at my Oneness Blessing weekend and BOOM! Idea after idea after idea, all under this sweet little umbrella.

I went home and executed my idea immediately. A divine idea Divinely given? Can’t lose right?

Well I did.

Not ‘lose’ per se but maybe more like missed the mark.

Now I know why.

All my anxieties, stresses and the over-minding I had been doing my whole life took over. As I sprang into action, I changed my blissful way of thinking to the DO MORE BE MORE GIT SHIT DONE NOW of yesteryear. But I believed I COULD make this all better and more and perfect. It seemed perfect. As I tried to drive the bus. As I tried to push and create.

I gave up pretty quickly and feel embarrassed about that.

AND then just went into a place in my mind where there tends to be a suckage-fest.

All the old crap came back.

Oh dear lord where is my blissful spring????

Will I ever be happy like that again?

Where can I go get a lobotomy?

So what has happened this year?

Ah, my friends, you will just have to wait.

Part II will come soon.

Please share any of your comments on bliss or your own life journey’s and lessons in the comments below here or on my Facebook page.

Thank you for reading and sharing!