Can I grow enough balls to do what I want to do?


It seems as though I am learning a lot lately about myself and about the world and it is coming fast and furious.

I have this great idea for a positive, inspiring, cheer-you-on-to-greatness kind of Facebook page and website.

And I was thinking I would do it anonymously.



Because I do not know if I can stand in positivity all the time.

I do not know if I quite buy into all the self-help bs sometimes.

Can I be me and run a website and a Facebook page that is really all about tapping into the flow of possibility, freedom, love and miracles when sometimes I feel like a raging bitch and wanna run away from my life and myself?

If I get out of my own way and grow a pair, so-to-speak, I probably can.

Maybe it is what I am supposed to do, stand for all of this EVEN WHEN EVERYTHING SUCKS BALLS.

Maybe I just want to write an occasional blog post that says ‘balls’ a lot. 🙂

I am torn between the spirituality and personal growth that is flowy and white and peaceful and so now and the spirituality and personal growth PROCESS that is (or can be) ugly, messy, hard, exhausting, frightening and feeling like it is all a bunch of bullshit.

I really see myself as a leader and I have a lot to say.

Some of it is RIDICULOUSLY sunny and cheerleaderly and you-can-do-it and I love you and 1000% sincere.

And the other part is, OMG life is hard, things are DAAAAAAAAAARK, and all of this rainbows and kittens bs can go fuck itself.

Yup, it’s like that.

So that is why the idea of anonymously running a positivity website feels better than being ‘me’ and standing for all of it but yet being kind of unsure of how I feel about all the details. And the fact that I like to say fuck and balls and shit. All while talking about the Divine and love and miracles and shit!

If you can relate, let me know.

I am considering heading this way for this blog and my own Facebook page with my very own name on it. And I DO actually play with this idea, as you know, if you follow my crazy path all around.

A friend said, what you do, it’s like spirituality with balls or ballsy spirituality!

I liked that a lot.

You know, mostly because she said balls.

But since I am still working out the details, I feel uncomfortable stepping fully forward.


So I thought I’d write this blog post and see what happens.

Thanks for reading and following along!!!



PS Facebook page is here.

PPS I do Angel Card Readings – no bs, straight forward, intuitive guidance that give you the tools to move forward in your life. Don’t stay stuck, contact me to help you!! aemartin4(at)gmail(dot)com

What are Angel Card Readings anyway??

That is a GREAT question.

SO glad you asked!! 🙂

Angel Card Readings are much like Tarot Card Readings, just a different deck of cards.


I use them as guidance when doing intuitive/psychic readings for people.

I LOVE the cards!

I have EVEN been skeptical at times about them and decide to do a reading on myself (skepticism firmly in place, almost testing the Angels! I’m pesky like that.) and they are always so unbelievably RIGHT ON THE MONEY each and every time.

When I give an Angel Card Reading, I tune into your guides – be it your higher self, your spirit guides, your Angels, and even the Universal Spirit that guides us all (call it what you will) or all of the above! I also try to clear myself so I can become a vessel of information. But my intuition and psychic notions are there as well providing extra information and messages for you.

As I am thinking of you, you may ask a question or we plan to tune into any general guidance your spirit guides want to give. I am shuffling the cards as I do so. Then, when intuitively guided, I place cards down and see what the Angels have to say, as well as adding anything I receive in the form of any important messages for you.

Many intuitives and psychics don’t use cards, they just tune into energies and go from there. I happen to love working with the cards, they just feel right to me and seem to give such great guidance, information, and even let us know where blocks are in our lives so we can work on things we need to work on and get on with things and thrive!

I hope this was helpful. I am so excited to be doing this and being able to help people get unstuck. There is nothing I want more than for people to move forward and thrive in their lives and be the rock stars they are meant to be!

If you are interested in a reading, feel free to contact me at:

aemartin4 (at) gmail (dot) com