My 1.5 Martini Journal Entry

The other night I said to my husband, ‘I’m in the mood for a martini. A dirty, extra olives martini.’

He quickly replied, ‘I’ll head to the store and get some vodka!’

Gee, that took a lot of persuading!

A bit later, as I was making my cocktail, I couldn’t decide if this martini-at-home thing was a very adult thing to do or a very boozy thing to do.

Probably a lil o’ both.

I enjoyed my cocktail, very, very much. It was so yummy that I made a little tiny other one.

After dancing around the house to some Madonna and cleaning up the dinner dishes, I headed to bed to read and check some emails.

All of a sudden I was inspired to write in my journal.

I must’ve had blogging in mind because I wrote it as if I was blogging.

Here is what I wrote:

I have, for as long as I can remember, wanted a new life. ‘Tomorrow,’ I think ‘I will be perfect and so will my life.’

And every time I wake up to the new day, in which, of course, I will be perfect, I am still just ME. 

So I embark on the day







and completely and embarrassingly unable to be ‘perfect.’

But…that has changed. 

Around 5-ish years ago, I began to play with the idea of ‘radical self-acceptance.’

 And by ‘play’ I mean ‘just barely considering’ LOL.

Yet during this time of barely considering there have been gaps. Dare I say PERFECT gaps where life has been amazing. And for no particular reason. It had been as though time stood still during those moments and I was able to see SO VERY CLEARLY how perfect life is. JUST as it IS. Just as I am. Warts and all.

These times have been fleeting, usually lasting a few days or a little over a week but I have experienced them deeply and that is what this blog is about. The journey to the abundance that IS in our every day life. Exactly as it is. 

No changes.

No striving for more.

No wishing otherwise.






Being present in the moment. Being at peace with with what is. Loving all of it (yes, ALL of it). And 100% acceptance and surrender to the now. 

THAT is Everyday Abundance.

Boo Ya.”

Hey not bad for boozy journaling! LOL.

To be truthful, at that point my little buzz was gone but that delish martini must’ve sparked something in me because that shit just flowed out of me! I couldn’t stop writing.

Isn’t there an expression ‘A martini-a-day….’???

Ya, I didn’t think so.

And btw, I wanted to call my blog ‘Everyday Abundance’ but I had used it previously on wordpress and deleted it and all the other versions online were taken.

So it is! 🙂

But the above journal entry really does speak what is in my heart and how I feel and I didn’t want to change it or fabricate how it came to be. I’ve got lots more to share and I look forward to doing so.



I’m back. I think.

No, I am back.

For sure.


I’m gonna blog again and come back online.

I think.


I have been itching to blog (and blog and blog and blog) because, well, I am extroverted and love to share (or overshare as my husband likes to comment).

I tried to start another blog with a spiritual name but all the good ones are taking and ironically the one I had a long time ago, but I deleted so I cannot get it started back up under that name.

This is all so very fascinating, isn’t it?!?!

Anyhoo, I have this site, with my name, so I might as well ‘own it’ as the say.

I probably wanted to hide behind the snazzy spiritual name and not really come out as me, but alas, the universe had other things in mind.

As is always does.

So I’m back as me.

Tagline may stay or change (with my mood lol).

But the gist is that I will be blogging about my journey to be more peaceful, present, loving, and really being my true self. All while having fun and not taking it all too seriously.

Sounds like a tall order but it truly has not been (at least not most days :)) and I look forward to sharing my journey and some stories that will hopefully entertain and provoke thought and discussion.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your comments, thoughts, experiences and your journey as well.