The mind does not know best (here’s what does & how to listen to that instead!)



Our brain is continually trying to figure everything out.

And in our very busy & at times (all times?!?) completely koo-koo lives we are overstimulated & are probably feeling a little crazy town.

Our primal brains are in fight-or-flight mode trying to figure out how to navigate, how to ‘survive,’ all this perceived (or real) stress.

This cuts us off from our hearts, souls and a lot of the time, our intuition.

How do we get out of our heads & into our hearts & souls?

Trust our intuition?

Here are some ways.

Please know only YOU know YOU best.

Take these suggestions & make them your own!

  1. Figure out what is distracting you the most. TV? Mindless social media scrolling? Too much multi-tasking? Begin to reduce whatever is the #1 thing that is causing you to be super distracted and become more mindful about this and adjust as needed.
  2. Make time for self-care. If you are pulled in 5 million directions as many of us are, you must take time to take care of yourself. You will never be able to get out of your head if you are just barely managing to stay afloat. This means you may have to ask for help, make (gentle-ish or less gentle :D) demands on others or sacrifice a few things. Believe me, it is all worth it.
  3. Practice as many mind, body & soul relaxing activities as possible. Walk in nature, 30 minute nap, 30 minute reading sesh, meditation, yoga – any activity where you are as focused on one thing as you can be is what it’s all about.
  4. Schedule fun. True story – we are not having enough fun. Go out & have some. Make the time. Do it.
  5. Practice! It takes practice to get out of your head & into your heart & soul. And trust your intuition? Nearly impossible if you don’t begin to practice. So when you mind is all over the place & you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off, take a moment to breathe & put your hand on your heart & say to yourself ‘Ok, what is best for me right now?’ Maybe it’s a nap. Maybe you just have to finish all your tasks & sit & have some tea. Do those things. Honor yourself as much as possible. ALSO! You know those pangs & nudges that say ‘Take this exit!’ ‘Drive around one more time & you’ll get a spot!’ ‘Call that friend!’ ‘DO NOT do XYZ.’ LISTEN TO THOSE. Start with the littlest one, trust it & see what happens. In time, you will always listen.

We are no longer cave people that need to constantly be in fight-or-flight or truly need to figure out how to survive.

But our bodies are continually getting that message because our brains are trying to navigate through everything and get a continual ‘HOLY SHIT, OMG, PANIC PANIC PANIC’ message.

Slow down when you can.




Have some fun.

Take care of yourself.

Shifts will come.




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Amazing Gluten-free cookies

Honestly, I never thought I’d be baking ‘gluten-free’ but I’ve always wanted to try baking with other alternatives & I’m cutting down on the wheat in my diet so these are such a great treat. Please note: I am not eliminating wheat, just cutting down. Cutting anything out of my diet completely is crazy-making for me. But I’m feeling great & enjoying being more mindful of my food intake.

Ok before I share the recipe, I will share some reactions from my family.

Mother: ‘OMG, you could sell these in a high-end bakery! They are so good!’

Husband: ‘OMG these are disgusting!! GROSS!’ (plus making a face to add to the sentiment. I should have called them something else besides cookies because clearly he was expecting something different. Um, CLEARLY.).

5 yo daughter: ‘Yummy!’ (eats them every day for snack)

11 yo daughter: ‘Meh. They’re ok. But I’m not going to eat them.’

So! You see the variation of sentiments. I love them. They are sort of like a soft scone with a savory taste. They are not sweet although if you add raisins and/or chocolate chips, they will add a nice sweetness.

Here’s the recipe:

8 oz butter, softened

2 eggs, room temp if possible

1 ripe banana, mashed mashed mashed

1/4 cup or so honey

1 cup coconut flour

1 cup almond flour

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 pinch sea salt

1/2 cup raisins, chocolate chips, cacao nibs (use 1/4 cup), goji berries or anything you want to add to jazz the cookies on up

  1. Combine butter, eggs, honey, banana, vanilla using a whisk or mixer
  2. Add flours, salt & baking powder mixing until combined well
  3. Add in any additional ingredients combining well
  4. Get a cookie sheet and make 1 1/2 cookies, pressing down a bit to make cookie shape
  5. Cook at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes. Check after 15 & take out if getting a little brown on top like the picture below.
  6. Enjoy!


They have a bit of a macaroon-y flavor at times which I like.

To me, they make a perfect lil afternoon snack!

Let me know if you try it!

I’m thinking as I write this you could thin the basic recipe out a little with some milk & make a pancake batter! I’m going to try that next!



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Do you NEED to meditate?

gabs meditating

So, do you NEED to meditate?


Yes you do.



I’m not that big of a jackass that I think or act in big, bold all-or-nothing statements like that.

But here’s the truth.

It IS really good for you.

And science says so. Or at least there are many scientific studies that confirm meditation creates changes in the brain, reduces stress & can even help reduce overall inflammation in the body which has been linked to many health issues.

Check out this NY Times article and this one about how an inflammation marker in the body is lower in those who meditate and this one about more positive brain changes from meditation. And watch this vid for a quick info sesh on how meditation helps:

In all of the classes I teach, many share their love of meditating and say how it has helped them be calmer & more focused. We work on mindset too so that adds to the benefits.

But what about NOT meditating?

Dude, that is totally cool too.

I recently watched this amazing video of an artist painting with celery as a paintbrush and though to myself, ‘I bet that is super meditative.’

I think any super-focused activity brings us to a more peaceful place. These days we are often doing 5 things at once or absorbing lots of stimulus, simultaneously! 😀 It’s just too much and no wonder we tend to be anxious & sleep-deprived.

I spoke with a pediatric surgeon once as I was Ubering him to a party (off-hours, so don’t worry!). I said to him, ‘Wow that must be so stressful.’ And he said yes, to a degree but that when he was in surgery he was so hyper-focused that it was actually relaxing. ‘Ahhh,’ I said, ‘Almost like a meditation.’ He agreed and said ‘Hmmm, I never thought of it like that but yes, it is like a meditation.’

If you have no sights on shifting your state, meaning, if you are feeling coolio about how you feel & what’s happening in your life, meditation may not be for you.

Maybe meditation is just not your jam but maybe you’d like to try some relaxing focused activity, you know, like pediatric surgery. But in the meantime, while you get your degree, maybe try something like Mandala coloring or painting or walking in nature with no distractions like your phone or an overly chatty friend (like me, don’t invite me if you want a relaxing time in nature #verychatty).

Do what works for you.

Isn’t that the point of everything?

Do what works & is best for YOU.




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Are you running on empty?

Can you read that title without sining it a la Jackson Browne?

My apologies if you did & you’re not a fan like me but with that title, it’s hard not to start signing that song!!

But as usual, I digress.

Lately I’ve noticed my tank is never full.

I’m running on empty much more often than not.


In my defense, it is winter in New England, and whilst it’s not our worst winter ever, there still is lack of sunshine, decreased activity & more time indoors.

All which do nothing for my tank filling, mood, spirits.

Many times, it seems to catch up to you all at once, right?

I hadn’t been feeling bad at all until about 3 weeks ago.

Probably just as the Vitamin D reserves depleted!

But I also know I’ve not been doing things that fill my tank.

I haven’t been to my beloved acupuncturist lately.

I haven’t been getting up early to meditate & prep my mindset for the day as much as I’d like.

I’ve been eating too much comfort foods & not being active enough.

I haven’t been having much fun lately.

And on top of it all, I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard.

No wonder my tank feels empty.

Time to refill!

Refilling the tank is an oncoming process.

You don’t just fill & your good for life.

It’s practice, just like everything else.

You’ve got to keep filling.

Without stressing yourself out about it.

Often when our tank’s on empty all we can do is feel bad about it.

Ideally, we catch it on it’s way down & fill accordingly.

But life gets away from us all & it happens.


I’m there right now!

So I’ve begun to watch what I eat a little better (no drama involved, just being more mindful).

I’ve been getting more rest & I’m ready to commence my morning routine.

Now I just gotta call & make that acupuncture appointment & schedule in some fun!


What about you?

What are you doing to fill your tank & keep it as full as possible?

It’s not always easy, but something we must do.

Be easy on yourself with all of this kind of stuff. Beating yourself up just sucks the gas right out of your tank – body, mind & spirit.



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5 Things To Do When You are Having a Crappy Day/Week/Month

It happens, right?

You’re sailin’ along, chillin’, feelin’ good and BOOM.

Life gives ya a big ole slap in the face.

Sometimes this is something you can see, feel & sense coming.

And sometimes it is not.

So what to do?

How can you get those thoughts back on track?

In this week’s Mindset Monday I tell you.

It’s probably not what you think.

Especially the bonus tip at the end. 🙂


And please share this with anyone you know who’s having ‘one of those days/weeks/months.’ Anyone that won’t mind a lil swearing & beer drinking that is.




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9 Ways You CAN Do & Have It All

I read this article recently & it rang so very true.

It says as an entrepreneur (or anyone with their own biz or life or life & biz) you have to pick 3 of these – work, family, sleep, fitness, friends.

It states that you cannot actually have or do it all – at least not those 5 things, you can only do 3 if you want to ‘survive.’

And I agree.

We can’t (especially us gals).


Can we reframe it all a bit?

Yes. We. Can.


Here are 9 ways we CAN do & have it all:


I think out of all of them, sleep is the most important. Depending on your age and what you have going on, this will be different for everyone. But as a 46 yo mom & wife who has a job and is working to build her own business, if I don’t get enough sleep I am useless in all aspects of my life. So sleep. For sure SLEEP.


If you look at those things (work, family, friends, fitness, sleep), it’s unlikely you CAN do them all, every day.

So don’t!

Spread it all out over a week or a month.

Can you get to the gym or yoga 5 times this week?

Probs not.

But I bet you can over the next 2 weeks!

Can you invite your BFF to one of these yoga classes and then go for coffee after?

Not this week?

How about next?

Pencil that shit in.


Then it all doesn’t feel so overwhelming.


For me delegating means having the funds to do so. These funds are coming my way and when they do I will be delegating away! House cleaning, childcare, an assistant etc. What can you delegate to make this ‘pick 3’ list seem less daunting? Dooooooo it! And if you can’t do this….


Many of us are trying to do it all. We can’t. We just can’t. Some days, sure, but every day for the rest of our lives? Noooooooo. So ask for help. If you cannot pay for help at the moment, ASK. Ask spouses/partners to take the kids for the day so you can work, workout, stare at a wall. Ask your BFF for help. Barter childcare & self-care. And speaking of self-care…


I think in this list, YOU are the common denominator so you must take care of YOU. Sleep, yes, but what else? Maybe a weekly date for yoga & coffee with your BFF is it. Maybe it’s a monthly massage. Maybe it’s prioritizing date night with your beloved. Whatever it is, do it, do it. Yesterday I found myself alone for a few hours & I sat on the couch, watched bad TV & ate ice cream out of the container. I didn’t even take off my coat. It felt great. It was what I needed. I COULD’VE written this blog post but I didn’t have it in me after my long day. So I woke up early & I’m writing away right now like a champ! This took care of me.


Last night I prioritized my downtime. I needed it. And it was rejuvenating. But these days with the goals I have, I must prioritize my time. I go to bed early. I get up early. I do my best to not embark on any draining activities like complaining, bitching, too much scrolling social media (I’m bad like that so I must lessen my habit!). I have committed to certain things and I’m doing them. Not every day but definitely every week. Put the important things in your calendar (physical or mental one) and stick to those things. Adjust when needed. See what works & what doesn’t.


The idea of ‘having it all’ is hard mostly because we think it all has to be perfect. And it has to be ALL, ALL of the time. No it doesn’t. And it can’t. We CAN have it all if we know it will not look like a pretty picture a lot of the time. Find balance in the imbalance of it all. Go with the flow more. Give less f*cks. Easier said than done a lot of the time, yes, but give it a try! And remember: YOU ARE ENOUGH.


Some days, weeks, months life will throw you curve ball after curve ball. Bring it, life! Because that is just what’s going to happen so you might as well surrender to it. So when your days, weeks, months get away from you, give all the aspects of your life a good look. What’s working? What’s not? What can you prioritize? What can you delegate? Where can you surrender & let go? Are you getting enough sleep??? Adjust & keep trying.

9. FUN

Have some fun damn it! Schedule it in. Make FUN a priority. Your soul & everyone in your life will thank you for it.

There are plenty more, ya? Getting out in nature & unplugging to nurture you soul, things like that are so important too, so whatever it is for you, these or anything, do it.

Which one(s) of these speaks to you the most?

Do you think it CAN be done?

Do you think YOU can do it?

Tell us in the comments below!

And if you found this post inspiring, helpful or just plain entertaining, please share!


xo Adrienne

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