Why I Didn’t Play Powerball Yesterday

Disclaimer: I did play Saturday but here is why I didn’t play again.


Yesterday I was out driving around making deliveries for a friend’s courier company I sometimes work for.

You couldn’t get away from Powerball talk on the radio!

I didn’t even know there would be another drawing so soon.

I thought, ‘Heck! I should play!!’

Just like on Saturday when I thought ‘It’s worth a shot’ and bought 4 tickets.

When the lottery is that big, why not, right?

As my day went on and I pondered when & where I would buy my tickets, I watched my thoughts.

First & foremost my intuition told me I would not win.

Also, I began to feel anxious about receiving the money. Thoughts about having it, helping people with it, what people would think about it all, what would I do? would I still work on my business? and lots of other stressful thoughts overcame me.

There were not fun, light, OMG-I’m-so-excited-about-potentially-winning-this-money thoughts or feelings like there were on Saturday.

And that’s a big red flag.

For a few reasons, of course.

One is, yup, I’ve got money issues. Lots of fears & anxieties around money.

This is something I have been working on for a few years now as I know my thoughts and beliefs about money are creating my life’s experience. I want to live in an abundant state of being on all levels, including financially so I have been mindful & creating better thoughts & feelings around money (and my life) whenever I can.

Yesterday, not only did my intuition tell me but my thoughts and FEELS told me that yesterday was NOT the time I would be winning Powerball or any lottery of any kind.

So secondly, it’s really important to trust and notice what is going on internally when making any decision or even doing something seemingly innocuous as playing a few Powerball tickets.

If your intuition says no, then it’s probably a no-go.

If your thoughts and your feels are not positively lined up with something, it’s maybe best to wait until they are.

Not to say you can not play with this or push yourself a little OR even switch up those thoughts PRONTO.

But for me, yesterday was kind of a tractor pull all around. It was hard for me to shift my thoughts, I would just notice them & do my best not to get too judgy-pants on myself.

So I knew it was no day to buy a lottery ticket.

So I didn’t.

And I felt just fine about it.

Now those thoughts…well, I work on them all the time.

In fact, when I am watching my thoughts and shifting them, amazing things begin to happen. Not just synchronicities but life just flows amazingly well & there can be magical money flow too, believe it or not!

I love it!

So whenever I can, I say affirmations to myself like,

Money is fun & easy to make!

I am a money & abundance magnet!

Money flows to me easily & frequently.

Those feel good.

And they work!

But not on days like yesterday where I could not get out of my own head. Where I could not squelch the crazy monkey mind.

Back to positive money affirmations today though & that feels good.

How about you?

Did you play?

Did you notice any thoughts or feels that weren’t exactly aligning with a ‘winning energy?’

Do tell in the comments below.




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The Happiness Jar

Last year around this time I saw on the internet (as we do) someone posting about a Happiness Jar where you create a jar and all through the year put in notes about things that were amazing & that you are grateful for.

I loved this idea and immediately created one for our family that stayed on our kitchen table all year.










I left out small pieces of paper & pens by the jar so we could write something whatever & whenever we wanted.

It got pretty filled up and we made a plan that on New Year’s Eve, the four of us (myself, my husband and our 2 daughters) would have a nice dinner and read through the jar.

We toasted to all the wonderful things we read about and toasted to the upcoming year.









It was a wonderful ritual to create even if it provoked some eye rolling during the year – my ideas are not always enthusiastically received 😀 –  and it did create the good feels and even a few ‘let’s do this agains!’

Do you have any similar rituals for you and/or your family?

If not, are you going to give it a try?

Will YOUR family roll their eyes at you?!?!

Do tell in the comments below.

Happy New Year and cheers to much happiness in 2016!



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Mindset Monday – Let’s Meditate!

Meditation is proven to reduce stress & enhance your well-being body, mind and soul.

And it’s something we can all do.

No special props or music or stuffs are needed.

You do not need to feel spiritual or go to India or a healing center to learn to do it.

Give it a try with me today!

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.40.01 AM

How did it go?

Are you going to give it a few more tries and start up a lil practice for yourself?

Let me know in the comments below!



8 Ways to Begin 2016 (you may be surprised!)


2015 is over. 

I am grateful – it was a good year in so many ways but it was the end of a 3 year cluster#$%& in many ways as well. 



Welcoming in 2016 with open arms, an open heart and planning for lots fun & exciting stuffs!! 


Here are 8 ways you might begin 2016, not your typical ones probably! 

8 Ways to Begin 2016

1. Tell resolutions to take a hike!
    :: Resolutions are so very last decade. 
    :: Don’t should all over yourself. 
    :: Your spirit wants so much more! 

2. Sleep in, relax, make some tea and honor the spirit of winter!
     :: Hibernation is where it’s at (especially, if like me you live in New England)
     :: Soups, stews, tea & snuggling on the couch is where it’s at.
     :: Can I get a hells yeah?!?!

3. Get some journals and new pens and write! 
    :: Everyday write what you are grateful for. 
    :: Everyday write some ideas down.
    :: Everyday write affirmations. 
    :: Write your goals, your dreams.
    :: Write out your gripes, write out a lil bitch sesh but then rip 
       it out and throw it away! It feels good.

4.  Pencil in all the fun things you want to do this year.  
     :: Make a list or actually schedule it in the calendar!!

5.  Make 2016 the year of no drama.
     :: Proclaim that you will complain less (if at all)!
     :: Only tell a story of something that bothered you once! 
     :: Don’t post any drama or depression posts on social media. 
     :: Watch your thoughts, your words, what you watch, what you listen to – make it a priority to surround yourself with as much positivity as possible!
     :: Start today!! 

6.  Begin to think I CAN!
     :: YOU CAN!! Because YOU CAN!!
     :: Why not start beginning to believe you can have, do and be 
        anything you want! 

7. Do this ritual to start the year
    :: Light some candles
    :: Write out all your goals & wishes for the year
    :: Say a prayer or ask your own personal Divine for their care and  guidance with these wishes
    :: Go outside and safely light these wishes and goals on fire sending them out to the Universe to be taken care of! 
    :: Go back inside and say another prayer giving thanks to those who guide you, protect you and take care of all of your needs

8. Join us for The Miracle Mindset Program! 
      :: We begin Monday, January 4th
      :: Learn to meditate 
      :: Learn to focus on all you want
      :: Master a short but very powerful daily routine (no shoulds!)
      :: Benefit from an amazing group that is coming together
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Have any you want to add?

Share them with us in the comments below! 

Whatever you do, I hope 2016 brings you lots of fun, love & adventure. 



Mindset Monday: The Miracle Mindset Program!

We start next week!

Will you join us and create an amazing base from which to begin the year ?

Will you join us and set the tone for how you want to live your life?

Will you join us and create an epic mindset?

Want to have an awesome 2016?


Then start with The Miracle Mindset Program!!

Watch for more info on this week’s Mindset Monday

Or click below to sign up!


I’m so excited to get started!

See you Monday!!





Mindset Monday #004 Are you listening??

Goodness, if we don’t listen to the little signals our bodies, our minds and our souls are sending us, there will come a time when they will force us to listen.

And that will NOT be a good time.

I’ve been noticing some signs.

And, full disclosure, ignoring them.

Until last week.

Ok, I HEAR YOU! I said aloud.

So I’ve begun to make small shifts back towards my routine and my goals.

I listened.

That is the theme of today’s episode on Mindset Monday.


Check it out here:

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 6.49.23 AM






Are you listening? Noticing? Trusting? And then making small shifts?

Let me know!

Thanks for watching (and reading!).

Have a great holiday!



P.S. The Miracle Mindset Program starts January 4th! Join us for an epic way to start the New Year!

Can Ideas Cause Miracles?

I’d like to think so.

There’s never any guarantee, of course, but do I GUARANTEE ideas are one thing that can help get you in miracle-mode.

That’s why I’ve added them to my Miracle Mindset Program.

Not ideas themselves, but challenging you to come up with ideas.

Every day.

For 30 days.











A few reasons.

  1. I believe that ideas expand your mind, and therefore your possibilities and therefore your life.
  2. When you are busy coming up with ideas and then thinking about those ideas, you are in the flow of life and all that is possible instead of being ‘stuck’ in a mind that is full of negative, sad or anxious thoughts.
  3. It’s fun!
  4. James Altucher says so. I love James & his writing and he is the reason I’ve added IDEAS to the Miracle Mindset Program and our daily worksheet.

Does the thought of coming up with ideas scare you?


Fear is very motivating.

And it should be a lil scary.

Coming up with ideas is HARD.

BUT, it really and I mean REALLY, helps put you in a mindset of success, possibility, freedom & potential miracles.

Like James says, most of your ideas are going to suck.

And that’s ok.

Your working out your brain, your idea muscle.

When you first commit to a workout, are all your workouts great?

OMG, no.


When you are in idea-mode you head out into the world with fresh eyes!

You are thinking. ‘How can I make the world a better place?’

‘Who would benefit from these ideas?’

‘Who can I share them with?’

You don’t have to keep them to yourself!

In fact, share them!

Read one of James’ many writings on ideas. It’s fun & inspiring. He’s a bit nuts. But I love it. He’s amazing.

When I committed to my own 30 days of meditation and a worksheet to fill out combining a gratitude list, an idea list and an affirmation list, I had no idea what would happen.

But I knew the combination of these things had the potential for being magical.

And was it ever!

I’m so excited to share it all with you and cheerlead you along while you create miracles in your own life and begin to shift your mind to all that is possible. 

Here are just some of the ideas I came up with. Some days this was easy, sometimes very hard, some days I just blew off that part of my list off. But I tried, every day to come up with ideas. My brain would usually get stuck on one idea so I would stay with that and expand on it as much as I could.

~ The Miracle Mindset Program (YAY!!)

~ An app that allows you to connect with a beauty squad that will come to your house – think the Uber of Dry Bar

~ speaking of Uber…as an Uber driver you should have the opportunity to sign up to volunteer to bring cancer patients to their appointments, you could do this once a week, once a month, whatever. It would be free for the patient and Uber would give drivers some sort of incentive.  Also if you are an Uber driver, there should be a way if you are not working but you are going from one place to another that you can put in your start and end points (say Boston -> Worcester) and if anyone needed to go the same way at the same time, they could get a ride and it would be cheaper for the rider and the driver could make a little extra cash (does that make sense? lol. sometimes ideas are spazzy).

~ there needs to be a pause button on the car radio like there is on most tv’s now

~ an app that allows you put in an item you want and where you live and it calculates the cheapest and closest place to get it for you (physical place and online). there probably is already one but hey, it’s an idea!

~ a website that connects moms with jobs of all kinds – temp, work at home, come whenever to help us with all our office crap, jobs where you could bring your kid, etc

~ a reiki and/or Oneness Blessing bus (like a food truck for healing!)


So for you…here are some ideas about creating ideas.

Do you want to be a writer?

~What are your book ideas?

~ Are you a writer that could teach an online program about writing or publishing?

Do you work in an industry with more holes & bad service than you can think of?

~What are some of the things, products, ideas you can come up with?

Do you struggle? See people hurting?

~What could help?

~What services would you (or the collective ‘us’) offer?

Keep all of this in mind when you are out in the world and you are writing down your ideas.

They will come to you, I promise.

And you will begin to shift to miracle-mode.

And remember, a miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.

Ideas are very shifting!!

And such a wonderful addition to creating the life we want.

The Miracle Mindset Program begins (online) January 4th.

Want to join us and create ideas, miracles, possibility and more in your life?

YES!!! YOU DO!!!

Click below for more info & to sign up.

TheMiracle Mindset Program begins Jan. 4th










Or just head straight to sign up (it’s $29) with the button below and you will receive an email from me STAT that you are in.







I’m excited.

I hope you are excited.

This is going to be just an amazing way to begin your year!!

You truly deserve the best year ever.

Have questions?

Ask below or email me at aemartin4@gmail.com

Thanks for being here, reading and sharing with anyone you think would enjoy this post.





Mindset Monday #003 Give your gratitude some balls!

What are you grateful for?

Think about it.

REALLY think about it.

Think about all the whys and the hows and all  the juicy bits about this thing you are so very grateful for.

Doesn’t that feel good?

You have just given your gratitude some balls.

Doing this sends out a vibration, an energy that creates so much wonderfulness in your life and it’s sent back to you tenfold.

Check out this week’s Mindset Monday to really ‘get’ this practice and then start doing it yourself!

And be sure to tell me below what you are grateful for (and why!)!

Have a great week!




Sign up for The Miracle Mindset Program!

We start January 4th.

You will master a short and very powerful daily routine that will shift your mindset and your life to miracle-mode!


I don’t want to die a miserable b*tch

This is Part 3 of my journey to shift my mindset – and my life – from fear, anxiety and constant crankiness to one of possibility, love & miracles.

You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

After the huge realization that I was no longer going to always try to fix myself and that I was going to LIVE instead, I began to watch my thoughts.

THAT was a real wake up call, I tell ya.

Constant ruminating over little and meaningless things (which I was giving LOTS of meaning to).

Having heated conversations in my head with people that did not need to be had. They rarely even needed to be thought about.


Lots of angry, crankypants thoughts.

I was giving all my power and all my energy to these thoughts.


Exhausting! Draining! Dooky!

At one point I realized,

I am going to die a miserable bitch. 


NO!! My spirit shouted. NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I knew that if I continued to give my energy to these thoughts I would without a doubt, live a long, miserable life. And maybe not even that long.

And just a FYI…this is not about pushing thoughts away or pretending that we are not upset. That’s silly. I’m a firm believer that our emotions and our experiences need to be processed. As unprocessed emotions & experiences can get stuffed into & stuck in our psyche, our physical being, our spirit and can make us sick, a bit crazy (or even much more than a bit!) and as well, angry and bitter.

Fun!! 😀

So I was sure to notice all my thoughts and see what might need to be processed. I worked with my amazing healer on those particular things.

But the thoughts, the constant ruminating, negative & anxiety producing thoughts, did I need those? Did I need to give those energy?

In fact I did not.

They were telling an old story which kept me playing small and living in  this strange limbo of ridiculously high self-esteem (when I was all angry and RIGHT!!!!) and absurdly low, low, LOW self-esteem (when I was in the mode of HOW ON EARTH COULD I HAVE DONE THAT, WHY AM I SUCH A TOOL BAG???).

None of this was serving me, my life, those around me or the goals and dreams I have.

It was time to move on.

But I was not programmed for a miracle mindset.

Most of us were not.

We were programmed with fear and doubt.

We were told to be quiet, stop being ridiculous & to not be, think or feel what we were, who we were or how we were.

Whether this was from our family, society or because of a traumatic event, most of us have a similar history or have experienced this.

So what do we do?

Take charge, I say!

That is what I did.

I knew the primary way to keep myself focused on what I wanted and not these crazy town thoughts was to meditate.

So I began.

After 10 years of not being able to get a meditation practice going, I surrendered to not being able to and finally out of my surrender came action (phew!).

Meditation allows us to get our minds of the thoughts that are not important and that are draining us.

Even if it’s just for a few moments, it’s a very powerful process.

THEN! In time, you can take it into your life and into each moment, shifting your thoughts to this place of peace.

Honestly, it really works, you don’t have to be a good or perfect meditator.

I’m not at all. But getting better all the time!

Then I wanted to jazz up my mindset routine. I knew that meditation was an amazing piece but I wanted to add to this and make it even more powerful.

I committed to 30 days of doing a worksheet I created.

So every day after my meditation, I would fill out my worksheet.

Gratitude, ideas and affirmations.

Every day.

I committed to watching my thoughts and shifting them whenever possible. I committed to watching my words and especially not telling the same story over and over (unless it was about something awesome).

I felt amazing and it was a very peaceful kind of amazing. Not an overstimulated kind of excitement that can come (and quickly go) with the ego-y excitement we can sometimes have.


It was wonderful, it IS wonderful.

And wonderful things began to happen. I’ve been feeling lucky, in the flow of life and excited for everything.

I am NOT going to die a miserable bitch that is for sure!

I respect myself and KNOW that there are awesome things ahead. That life is really pretty awesome if we let it be.


I know it is hard sometimes.

I know it is baffling and down right DEPRESSING with some of the things that are happening in our world.

It can feel like a disservice to humanity not to give our every thought to WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!?!

BUT! It’s actually a disservice to ourselves to allow so many things to take our energy, our hopes, our dreams & our power AWAY.

You are too magnificent to let that happen.


And yes, we are only human. So we can be strongly affected by all that is happening in our world, our lives and there can be hard days.

But what the world needs is more of us to be happy, thriving humans living wonderful lives.


Why not start off 2016 by making a commitment to yourself?

Why not create a daily practice that can help you not only get your energy off the thoughts that drain you but help you create an amazing life?

The Miracle Mindset Program begins January 4th.

We start with an easy meditation practice that anyone can do. Seriously so simple and easy (and short!).

We slowly begin to add the powerful Miracle Mindset Worksheet into our daily routine.

We wil commit to 30 days of creating a miracle mindset, taking anywhere from 10-20 minutes a day but the effects will last all day!

We will end the course with some integration and lots of celebration and you will create your own routine that you can do for the rest of your life.

Please join us!

It will not only be a powerful (and easy!) routine for you to do but an epic way to begin the year.

Sign up today here!

Have questions?

Ask below!

I’m excited for you and what’s possible.





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P.S. (again)

Disclaimer: This program is not designed to cure or diagnose any issues. I am not a doctor or a psychiatrist. This is a program to help you program your mindset, not cure any disease or mental issue you may be having. Please consult your doctor if you are depressed, anxious or anything else. My program is educational in nature and is provided only as general information and is not medical or psychological advice. As well, with this program there is no warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding any outcome for you during or after the program for any particular purpose or issue.



Mindset Monday Episode 2: Can a 20 minute daily routine change your life?

I believe it can!

Can you take a few minutes (and build up to 20 or even more) to quiet your mind and write your gratitudes, ideas and affirmations?




On today’s episode I talk more about this, the Patriots & The Miracle Mindset Program.