New Coaching Program!

It is time to shine your bright shiny soul to the world.

In your life.

In your business (or in the business you want to create).

Let’s work together so that you can live the life you are here to live.

With you being ALL you.

Ready to sign up for 6 weeks of awesomeness? Of accountability? Of guidance? And more???

Every week we will meet via Skype (or in-person if you are in the Boston area) for 1.5 hours and you will get an Intuitive Guidance Session with Angel Card Reading for half the time and the other half will be creating your action plan for the week (unless it is a week to do LESS action as some things uncovered during the guidance part will need to marinate for the week).

I am giving these six weeks at a very low price.


That’s $100/session (usually priced at $150)


~ unlimited email access to me for the six weeks

~ access to the private Facebook group I am creating just for those who sign up for this program. Here I will do (surprise!) videos during the week for extra fun and support. Also, this will create sacred ground for us to share and support each other’s dreams and goals.

Want in?


It is going to be so great and so fun and get you in the flow of possibility, freedom, love and miracles!!

Click here to sign up RIGHT NOW!

There are a limited amount of clients I can take and I will not be offering this forevah so be sure to sign up now.

I am also offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to those who sign up.

If you are unhappy FOR ANY REASON.

Seriously, any at all.


Click the button below to sign up.

Do it for yourself and the stirring in your soul that is happening.




Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

A 2-payment plan is also available.

I can’t wait to get started!!

Lots of love to the awesome you that you are,


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