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No bro, you do not need to live in your car (ideas on saving money)

I’m an idea person.

I really didn’t know this until recently.

They are always flowing.

For example…

This past weekend I was Ubering some stoned bros from one end of Boston to another.

Out of the backseat I hear Bro 1 says to Bro 2:

‘Hey bro, would you ever live in your car for a year to save up money to buy a house?’

Bro 2 mumbles something back but he’s busy with his face in his phone.

So Bro 1 rambles on and on AND ON to Bro 2 about all the pros of living in your car & all the money you would save to put a down payment on a house, blah blah blah, and how he’s seriously thinking about doing it.

car sleep

I almost slammed on the brakes and turned around to yell,


But I did not. I kept all my ideas to mahself because brah was annoying and would probably give zero fucks about what I had to say (which is totally fine, btw).

So I am going to share them with you!!!!!

Aren’t you excited!?!?!?

8 ideas on how one stoned bro can save money to buy a house and not have to live in his car for a year


1. Drive for Uber!

I mean, right?!?

Bro, you have a car (the one you are thinking of living in, hello!).

You are a 20-something male who undoubtedly has a few nights a week free.

Get in your car, brah, and make some dough driving for Uber.

Save the coupla hundy a week (say 1K-1.5K/month or more if you’re smahhhht) and BOOM, there’s the down payment you were rambling on about.




 2. There’s a friend. With a spare room. Or couch. Or floor. 

Live with them, bro.

Offer cleaning, dog walking, gardening etc in exchange for a warm place to lay your high ass down.

3. House sitting

Your parents know people.

People you work with know people.

Find a house sitting gig.

Just put it out there, see what happens.

There’s websites for this too.

Brah, sign. on. up.

4. Find a lady or man friend

Shack up with them, bro.

Be nice, clean & courteous & well, do your job, if you know what I mean. And you do, bro.

5. Side job. Side job. Side job.

Good gravy the possibilities are limitless.

Get creative.

Do something fun.

Bro, you can do it.

6. Ask for a raise

Why not brah???

Then just bank that extra cash along with doing one of the above & you are well on your way.

7. Come up with ideas!!!!!!!!!!

You are a young, white male, bro.

The world is your oyster!

8. Stop smoking so much weed.

Or maybe you can sell it instead!

That’s illegal here in Massachusetts – for now – so I’m not suggesting this just mentioning it casually in case you move to Denver or something.😀

But in general see if there are any habits you can shed to keep more money in the bank.

I think Bro 1 would’ve liked my ideas, well, actually no, I don’t think he would’ve.

Maybe Bro 2 would’ve.

I hope they had fun on the booze cruise they were going on.

And that Bro 1 comes up with some better ideas.

And hey! If he actually DOES live in his car for a year, he should create a blog & an Insta so people can see his journey & benefit one way or another! And maybe he’d get a book deal from the whole thing and he can make an even more money because we all know, the more you can put down on a house, the better.

Or fuck it all & just live in Air BnBs for the rest of your life!!! Because IS buying a house the end all be all? Not always. But whatever bro wants, it’s his life!!


What ideas do you have on how to save money that don’t involve living in your car?

Tell us!




Please know, I think there’s nothing wrong with living in your car.

This cool bro lives in his van and he does not have to.

Check out this short Vice did not him, it’s pretty awesome.

And there are people who HAVE to live in their car because of financial crisis. I do not mean to make light of this whatsoever. This blog was just in context of someone discussing how to save money.








Ideas on Health & Healing

I have been thinking a lot about TRUE health, how to heal & how to give oneself the care one REALLY needs.

Are we taught this?

Oh hells no.

So often we can be put in situations where we HAVE to figure out how to truly care for ourselves & then we can feel like maybe it’s too late….

How do we create health NOW for the present & the future?

It is such an individual thing and so very different for everyone.

You’ve heard the stories of miraculous healings after a horrible diagnosis and you’ve heard the opposite.

I know I don’t want to wait for my health to fail before I decide to really take care of myself.

And I know one thing for sure…

Stress is the killer of hopes & dreams & immunity (and more).

I personally feel that reducing & even eliminating stress is where the majority of true healing can begin.

But how?

We are told (or believe or think or absorb) that we need to GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO at all cost. For success, for money, for prestige, for our own ego gratification.

But does it work?

Hmmmmmm, sometimes YES. It actually does. Say you have a goal & in order to create that goal, you need to get out of your comfort zone, take a second job, push yourself through those exhausted moments. BUT. If you are so beyond excited for this goal and you feel (and truly know) that this is your path, this does not have to be detrimental to your health. It may even be healthy for you! Considering NOT doing it would ‘hurt’ you more.

But I digressed a bit just to be sure to make the point that this is a different journey for all.

I have been pushing myself quite a bit lately. In a panic. In stress. In fear.

I know intuitively that this does not work for my physical, emotional or spiritual well being. Why do I still do it? Why do any of us still do it?

Probably because it is deeply embedded in our physical, emotional & spiritual bodies.

Can we trust that if we slow down everything will still work out?

I have had clear and very obvious signs & experiences that that slowing down (mentally & physically) truly and really works.

I’ve slowed down. I’ve taken care of myself. I’ve stopped worrying. I’ve mantra-ized things like ‘I am enough’ ‘I do enough’ ‘All is truly well’ until I believe them.

And it works, like, really works!

But then I fall back in to old patterns. They seem to hold stronger than new ones.

It’s sooooooooooooooooo frustrating.

I was in a nursing home recently where I walked by room after room of elderly folk, just laying in beds, and it freaked me out quite a bit.

I do not want that. I want a long, thriving, fun life. Sure, if I need some care or hospice or whatever in those final days, ok, but not 15 years of it. I’m not having it.

And I felt, deeply felt, THEN START NOW.

Start creating the feelings, the energy, the actually experience, of amazing health now.


For me, it is all about (at least partially, and a large part at that) cultivating the feeling I get when I do my favorite thing.

Laying in the grass, looking up at the sky & doing nothing. Or by the water. I probably should be living at the beach!!

I love doing this something crazy. But I often feel guilty for just laying around. Maybe it’s because I’m thinking I should be doing, being, creating more.

Also, deep in side I’m all, ‘can I make money at this?’ Ugh, probably not.

BUT! Can I do something that ‘feels’ like this? Cultivates this feeling of wonder, magic & relaxation? Can I just do this type of thing more often even while I work or do whatever?

You know it.

This is what I loved to do as a child, often laying around with others, laughing, telling stories, sharing thoughts.

And this is what I want to do now.

And whilst, no, I cannot make money at this, I sure can feel healthier doing it & look for things in life that feel like laying in the grass, looking up at the blue sky, doing nothing. It’s such a peaceful feeling.

This is a big part of having a long, healthy life. Doing what you love to do. Doing what you loved to do as a child. Cultivating that exact (or as close as possible) feeling if you can’t actually do that thing ALL the time.

So what do you love doing? What did you love doing as a child?

Do more of that.

Begin your health & amazing life’s journey with that goal in the forefront of your mind.

Tell me (and us) how it goes or what it is or how you’re going to do it or how you ARE doing it?

Inspire us!

There are, of course, plenty of ways to be healthy & destress but this is one that has been on my mind of late (like A LOT). So I wanted to share that today.

Feel free to share others ways to cultivate health, healing & a long, happy life.





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Photo 99


Mother’s Day Brunch at Island Creek Oyster Bar #52Restaurants


Ahh Mother’s Day.

Celebrating motherhood.

Let’s go for a relaxing brunch!

Lesson learned: if you leave your beautiful, wonderful children home, it will be more relaxing:)

Hindsight is so very 20/20, isn’t it?

Regardless, off we headed, myself, my girls & my mom to the Island Creek Oyster Bar in Kenmore Square, Boston.

I had done some research for a great brunch spot in Boston & there are MANY!

After some searching, some pondering & factoring my current oyster obsession, I decided on Island Creek Oyster Bar. Their menu looked awesome & there were enough options for the kids & it was upscale enough to be nice for my mom & I & low key enough for kids to join in the fun.

The space is great, very open & warm.

Love these oyster cages as wall decoration. So cool!


They gave all mom’s a rose which I thought was such a nice & classy touch!


Meal highlight:

The oysters & this unbelievably delicious almond pear croissant. OMG. Deeeeee-lish!


ICOB has lots of oysters to choose from all over New England. I picked Island Creek ones, of course, and some from Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket.


I was not crazy about the rest of the meal.

My mom & I both ordered the lobster omelet & it was just ‘ok.’ It could’ve used a nice sauce or something extra. It was just meh. And I forgot to take a picture of it but you’re not missing anything so there.:)

Our waitress was super nice but service suffered once it got a little busy.

All & all it was nice brunch.

I would recommend this place if you are in the Fenway/Kenmore area. Sit at the bar, have some drinks & some oysters maybe before a Red Sox game or something like that.

Their website is being funky, but here’s the Yelp link with some great reviews:

Do you have a favorite brunch spot in Boston?

We love the Center Street Cafe in Jamaica Plain, they have a GREAT brunch but be prepared to wait (it’s worth it though!) or you can go super early or very late & have little to no wait.

Thanks for checking out the 5th installment of #52Restaurants!

Here are more if you are interested:

See you next week!



Idea #444 Healing Bus

You know how there are food trucks?

I think there should be healing buses or trucks or whatever works.

Set up in busy areas & offer free reiki, energy healing, Oneness Blessings, hugs, whatever works.

I think this is a great idea.

The world needs more healing!!


I spent some time traveling on this bus in New Zealand in 1994. Not so much a healing bus, more of a party bus:) But it has a hippie-ish, good vibes feel to it so it makes a good pic:)

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Sunday Boulevardiering in Boston #52Restaurants

I started #52Restaurants for many reasons, one being to get out of the house more.

I probably would not have planned a day like this & I’m so happy I’m kind of forcing myself to! Because this was a GREAT outing! Not only to spend time with a fun foodie friend, but to experience how awesome Boston is.

I had picked up some gals recently in the South End whilst out on the Uber. They had been to Barcelona Wine Bar for dinner but talked about their great brunch sitch & hello, Bloody Mary bar!

I put that on my mental list.

Must. Go. To. Barcelona. Because. Bloody. Mary. Bar!!

My fun foodie friend, the awesome Darby Cummings & I started our day out in Boston there.

It’s a great spot in the South End with a large open & comfy bar.

First up – Bloody Mary’s!

We hit the BMB like champs. I want to be honest here & say that it was not as amazing as I expected. I had heard of other BMBs & their spread of oysters, veggies & everything in between to choose from. Barcelona’s spread was not all that impressive.


clearly, my picture is not very impressive either…


You had a choice of the traditional Bloody Mary tomato mix OR a tomatillo mix.


The tomatillo mix was EPIC & I could’ve cared less about whatever else was on the BMB.


yup, I put cheese in my traditional BM:)

Next onto some vittles.

Big ups to Barcelona for having brunch small plates! So great for sharing & being able to have a few things without eating your face off.

We picked the brioche french toast & the spinach chickpea benny.


I really need to work on my photography but here’s the gist of these yummy dishes:)

Both dishes were delish! I loved the spinach chick pea mix with it’s flavorful spices. And the french toast, well, it was hard not to just engulf the entire thing like a giant pterodactyl, it was that good.

When we finished we Ubered over to the Boston Public Market, a place I have not been able to check out yet but have wanted to for months.


The Boston Public Market is a ‘permanent, year-round market featuring fresh, locally sourced food.’ The BPM is located at Haymarket Station between the North End & Government Center & it’s mission is ‘to provide fresh, healthy food to consumers of all income levels, nourish our community, and educate the public about food sources, nutrition, and preparation.


There are so many reasons to go here…

~ SAMPLES! Almost every vendor is giving out samples. I love this! We sampled wine from local Massachusetts wineries, local farm cheese, meats & treats. So super fun & tasty.

~ Learn about local & sustainable foods. Knowing where you food is coming from is a powerful practice & so important!

~ Grab a quick & healthy lunch or dinner to take home & make! Lots of prepared foods & as well, foods that you can take hope & whip up. What a great convenience for those who live & work in the area.

~ Support local businesses. I’m not sure what’s better than this. Big corporations are taking over & their main goal is the bottom line. Why not support as many local businesses (which often means local FAMILIES) that are keeping people & the environment as a priority.

Unbeknownst to us, on the first Sunday of every month, one of the vendors has $1 oysters.

We happily indulged.


These delicious gifts from the sea (via Martha’s Vineyard & seafood vendor Red’s Best) were perfection in a shell. You didn’t just taste the sea water, you felt as though you were swimming in the sea right along side these oysters. So fresh! So simple! So freaking awesome.

Ok! Where to next?

The South End Open Markets! It was their opening day & despite the weather we went back to the South End & continued our boulevardiering adventure.

There are plenty of vendors, food trucks & my favorite, cute doggies, to see & experience.


We ended our day walking through the market & wound up at The Gallows, also in the South End. A busy & loud place for brunch, it was rockin’ even at 3:30pm. We had a drink & a toast to our fun day!


What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday in Boston?

Have any great spots we should know about?

Let us know!

See you next week!



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8 marketing ideas for South End Market vendors

This past Sunday was opening day at the South End Open Markets in Boston, Ma.

Every Sunday, May through October, venders of all kinds share their art, food, crafts, jewelry & more.


no the best pic, sorry! 

I went out with a friend on Sunday as part of my #52Restaurants project & we were excited to hit the market as part of our day.

The weather was not great but we walked through the market around 2:30pm & things were still cookin’ even with the threat of some serious rain.

I loved walking around seeing everyone’s stuff.

People’s creativity never ceases to amaze me.

When I left I thought a lot about how all these amazing venders could get more biz.

It can be hard for small business to really get out there & get seen, known & loved.

And of course, make money!

But the South End Open Market creates huge exposure for them.

So important for small & creative businesses!

Many peeps/biz were giving samples of their food goods, which is great. You need to!

But how can other businesses get noticed too?

While it’s nice to look at stuff, I’m sure so many venders want to sell sell SELL!

I have some ideas on how to get people who are just walking around more interesting in what you have, what you are selling & who you are. You might not make a sale that very day but creating fans & potential buyers is where’s it’s at!

I hope these ideas help someone but if they aren’t something someone would do, maybe it will spark some ideas of their own!

8 marketing ideas for South End Market vendors

1. Get out in front! 

I saw so many creative folk hiding in the back of their tents. You can see them ,of course & I doubt they were actually hiding but they were in the back & not ‘out there.’ Now, it was later in the day & things had slowed down a bit so maybe some were taking a break or sitting for a bit. That’s totes cool. But I do know creatives tend to be introverts & no doubt putting themselves out there at an open market takes a huge amount of energy & can be very draining. But kids, you are your biz! You’ve got to get out there & out front. Create the space so you are sitting in the front more. Get a stool so you can sit at the front. Whatever it is, be more visible & engage with the peeps as much as you can.

2. Have a sign up list & have your biz cards or postcards OUT!

I asked one lovely artist for a card because her pictures were gorgeous & she had to go digging for one.


Display your cards & get a clipboard or something more creative to make a list so people can get on your email list!

And be sure to tell them about it when they are milling about!

3. Have a contest, giveaway or incentive!

No one is all that excited to give out their email anymore so make it nice for them.

For example,

Sign up & get 20% off next time you are at the market or for our online shop!


Give one of your things away every month to people on your email list.

It may seem counter-intuitive to give stuff away or add more things to your to-do list but these days with everyone’s attention all over the place & tight wallets (even in an affluent Boston area) you’ve got to do something to get & keep your ideal customer’s attention.

4. More on the contest idea…

Maybe you don’t have an email list (you should, they are free & you can easily send one out monthly just to check in with people who are interested in your stuff! Tell them what’s new, how you are, WHERE you’ll be!) but you have some socials.

Do something like this:

When people enter your tent & are poking around, tell them that you are doing an Instagram contest where if they take a selfie with you, your stuff or just a picture of your stuff and hashtag it with your name or your product’s name or some creative hashtag you come up with they can win something.

I like this idea a lot.

It engages people, it’s fun, it will have people looking and wondering what’s happening over there & just think, people will be posting your picture & your product’s picture on their social. Maybe they have 1000+ followers. Maybe 50 people with hundreds of followers post a pic with your stuff….

You know what that is?


Don’t miss out on this opp, yo.

5. Have snacks

Sure there’s a gazillion food trucks at the open market but people love free food.

Have fun with it.

Bowls of gold fish, m & m’s and/or something fun related to your product, whatever.

Put any of these next to your biz cards & email sign up sheet.

6. Music 

There was music playing via a DJ which was very cool but if you’re a bit away from this, bring your boom box or some speaker for your phone & kick out some jams.

This creates a vibe & some ambiance making people stay longer & it can also invite them in!

7. Delegate

You are a creative. Your job is to be creative. This marketing & putting yourself out there can just about push your little sensitive spirit right. over. the. edge.


Pay someone to stand in the front of your tent, say hi to people, pass out info or samples or say ‘hey we are doing a super cool contest!’ etc etc

There are tons of college students studying PR & they’d be happy to make $50 (or less!) to help you & add this to their resume.

8. Doggies! 

There are tons of doggies being walked around the market.

And people stop & chat & hang with their dogs & weirdos like me pet & talk baby talk to the dogs (don’t judge!).

Put out a water dish in the front of your tent.

How about a doggie treat? Put a tray of those out!

Maybe partner with a local doggie treat company to give samples of their stuff for free!

More people will be drawn to your tent & therefore SEE your stuff instead of just walking by.



There are so many more ideas to come up with.

When I left the market Sunday I was filled with so many! I loved so much of what I saw & would’ve totally signed up for emails, entered contests, posted pics.

Ok, have any other ideas you would share with a vender? Add some in the comments!

Do you know a vender?

Share some of these ideas with them!

Know someone at the South End Open Market?

I’d love to come do a free talk for the venders!

Just to cheerlead them along & share ideas & create ways for them to engage their audience, gain fans & of course, business & profits!

This stuff gets me all jazzed up.

Viva la creative entrepreneurs!

See you next week for more ideas!



Learn more about my idea project & see some of my latest ideas (and feel free to share yours!) here.


One of the coolest things I saw was the D-Grater.

With something like this you HAVE to be demoing.

And they were!

These cool plates grate garlic, ginger & more!


They all second as serving dishes.

I think they’re gorg & would make a perfect gift for yourself or your favorite foodie.

Check them out at


Dinner at Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria #52Restaurants


We’re at #3 of #52Restaurants!

So so exciting!😀

So my husband has been away for a week & I’ve been home with my 2 daughters.

I decided this installment of #52Restaurants would be a solo night out so mama could have some alone time.

Where to go?!?!

There are so many choices in Boston! Many restaurants on my list I’m saving for date nights or nights out with friends.

I was looking for a slightly casual place I could go & have some food at the bar.

I decided on Babbo in Seaport.

BUT – I did a lil Uber driving  after dropping our littlest off with Dad at baseball practice in the South End (he’s been coaching in South End Baseball since the late 80’s). My last ride had me in Cleveland Circle in Brighton & I opted not to head back into the city.

I mentally consulted my list of restaurants & headed to the Chestnut Hill Mall just down the road.

I wanted to check out Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria!


In the early 90’s I worked at the first (and the second) Figs in Charlestown & Beacon Hill. Opened by Todd & Olivia English of the wildly successful Olives, Figs was a pizza place inspired by the famous Pepe’s in New Haven. If you lived in New England or New York or were a foodie of any kind back then, you heard of the legendary Pepe’s & especially their clam pizza. Pilgrimages were made & whispers of this legendary pizza were heard.

So let’s just say, I’ve had some epic pizza in my day! Probably a little too much epic pizza…

When I saw that the famous Pepe’s was opening in Newton, on the list it went!

First thing to note:

No bar.

I sat at a table & immediately noted: it’s very bright in here!

In my mind, I was hoping for a little bit more of a cozy feel but that’s just my thing.

It very much has a casual pizza place vibe and I think that’s what they’re going for.

It really is all about the pizza here but they do have a small drink list, beer & wine only & a few salads.


Have to be honest, I loved this lil glass of wine

House white for $5? Sure!

The wine was not delicious but it was fine for a house white but I just loved the little glass it came in. It felt very Italian!


I ordered the caesar salad, one of my favorite things to eat.

The dressing was great – a sign of a really good caesar.

Now, onto the pizza!

Had to get the clam, of course & then opted for 1/2 4 cheese. This is a small!




Ordered the house red, better than the white, btw

I cannot lie, when I was taking my first bite, I felt like the food critic in the movie Mystic Pizza except with one important difference – no one really cares what I think LOL. I believe #52Restaurants may have gone to my head already😀.

With high expectations & knowing what a great clam pizza should taste like, I dove in.

Ok. Not bad.

But not GREAT.

I don’t think all the clams used where fresh.

But overall, the pizza was very tasty. Crust exactly as it is billed – crunchy, chewy AND a little charred.

If you are in the Chestnut Hill area and want pizza, I would totally go there.

I don’t know if I would make a pilgrimage.

And the service was meh although the host was super nice.

It IS very casual & the service reflects that for sure.

What’s your favorite pizza place in Boston or the world?

I’ve been to Max & Leo’s (fellow NNHS ’87 graduates!) & their pizza is great so if you are in the Newton Corner area, give them a try for sure.

And who doesn’t love Santarpio’s in Eastie?

What. Say. You.

Tell us your fave pizza place & if you’ve tried Pepe’s.

Signing off for now…





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